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Aren’t there already on the market helicopters with outstanding flight performances?

We don't question the amazing aerobatic capabilities of some model helicopters, far superior to those of ours. But we are talking about completely different items that should not even be compared: no one would ask a Formula 1 car to do the work of a truck! When it comes to stacking up hundreds of thousands of miles, carrying loads that far exceed the weight of the vehicle itself, with the highest reliability but with little maintenance needs, furthermore aiming at keeping fuel consumption low, the single-seater turns out to be completely inadequate! The same holds true for our heavy-duty helicopters: some are asked for a work-load, ensuring safety, of 20 hours per week. A model created for fun, no matter how sophisticated it can be, cannot bear this burden. Our devices are engineered to do just that. They are made from guaranteed materials and with carefully chosen industrial components, often realized ad hoc according to our specifications and whose service life is cautiously calculated and/or simulated using structural software. Furthermore many features, unimportant in other circumstances, are crucial for good performance during autonomous flight. This is another factor that needs to be taken into account during the design process, that must be done “around” the autopilot since the very beginning.