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Why don't you opt for multirotors? Aren't they easier to build?

We build multirotors as well, and indeed this is a much easier task. The basic mechanics of a multirotor is trivial, all the complexity is concentrated in the electronics, that until a few years ago weren't fast enough to stabilize these very poorly aerodynamic flying platforms, while today this technology is available on the market at different price ranges starting from a very few hundreds or even tenths of dollars. The reason why we proudly maintain our specialization in designing and manufacturing helicopters with a traditional configuration is the advantages that this difficult choice entails. Multirotors, in order to preserve their semplicity, must be equipped with electrical motors to which small fixed-pitch blades are directly connected. This means less efficiency, less stability and, mostly because of the limits of the current battery technology, far shorter flight time. To be more precise, it means a serious incompatibility between payload and flight time. At the price of a greater complexity, a single-rotor gasser helicopter solves all these problems.