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What are the payload and flight time that are so typical of your devices?

We don't rely on a mass-production allowing us to provide consistent exact values, our offer is deeply characterized by the customization commitment, that is designing and building the devices according to their final purpose. Yet some approximate data will give a rough idea. The standard configuration of our smaller model (HCP-Z, mounting a 30 cc engine) allows 5 kg of payload, flying for an hour, using 1 kg of gasoline. The bigger model (HCP-M, mounting a 110 cc engine) lifts 15 kg and, using 2 kg of fuel, it flies for more than an hour. But these values can be modified, drastically if needed. The basic rule to follow is that a helicopter can take off with a maximum weight in addition to that of its own mechanics, and this weight has to be shared between payload and fuel: the ligher the first, the more of the second can be carried, so that several hours of flight time become achieavable.