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You can control it like a drone
and it flies like a helicopter.
Helicampro HCP-M is an autonomous, internal combustion engine, single-rotor drone. In other words it is a real miniaturized helicopter, able to perform flights being piloted from a PC. Its main features are structural soundness, mechanical reliability, efficiency and flight performances, but above all it is able to carry a considerable payload for long flight times.
This is the most distinctive prerogative with respect to electric-propulsion vehicles, allowing our drone to be employed within different application fields where today conventional piloted helicopters are used (implying incomparable costs and risks): pipelines and power lines inspection, long-distance transportation of humanitarian aids, permanent surveillance of oil plants or factories. One of the sectors that benefits most from our systems is the agricultural one. A Helicampro aircraft can spray fertilizers or crop protection products, it can perform aerial surveys to monitor soil and plantation’s health, moreover it allows to carry on the two operations at the same time to pursue precision agriculture purposes, for example distributing pesticides only where needed. All this with a much lower environmental impact and with the greatest flexibility.
Helicampro drones are custom built according to the particular application’s needs. The standard configuration, featuring a 110 cc four-stroke supercharged engine, accepts a 15 kg payload and with 1.5 kg of common gasoline it achieves 1 h of flight time; obviously this proportion can be adjusted, for example halving the payload whenever possible and increasing the carried fuel to 9 kg, the flight time jumps to 6 hours!
Configuration: single-rotor helicopter
Main rotor specs: 4-blade, diameter 2-2.4 m (optimized depending on payload)
Tail rotor specs: 2-blade, diameter 420 mm
Engine specs: 4-stroke 2-cylinder boxer, displacement 110 cc, max power output 10.2 hp (7.6 kW)
Fuels: gasoline “Super Plus” (98 octane), JET-A1, JP8
Engine speed: 5500 rpm
Main rotor speed: 1000 rpm
Tail rotor speed: 4500 rpm
Swashplate: 4-point
Operating empty weight (OEW): 11 kg
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW): 28.5 kg
Standard fuel weight: 2 kg (2 x 1 kg, arranged symmetrically to the sides of the fuselage and in correspondence of the center of mass of the aircraft)
Maximum payload weight ( =MTOW–(OEW+fuel) ): 15.5 kg
Maximum disk loading: 6.1 kg/m^2
Flight time (standard fuel – hovering): 50 min
Flight time (standard fuel – forward flight): 1 h 10 min
Maximum speed: VNE 180 km/h (IAS), electronic limit 90 km/h (GS)
Rate of climb: 3,5 m/s
Hover ceiling (IGE – max weight): 1450 m
Hover ceiling (IGE – 14 kg): 2050 m
Hover ceiling (OGE – max weight): 1150 m
Hover ceiling (OGE – 14 kg): 1700 m
13th – 17th June, 2016 – Eurosatory, Paris
March 2016 - ITEA3 label boosts certification project
January 2016 - Prestigious memberships
May 2015 - The whole fleet is now approved